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Your Dog's Digestion Health

Your Dog’s Digestive Health

Every dog owner is completely in tune with their pooch’s digestive health - because they have to deal with the end result.

Of course that’s not the only reason owners take an interest in their dog’s digestion. Just like humans, a dog’s overall health is dependent on a good diet. So to support good digestion in your dog is by feeding it good, easily digestible food.

Causes of poor digestion in dogs

Proper Food for Pets

If you’re feeding Lily’s Kitchen or a similar natural, high quality food then you’re already doing your bit for your dog’s digestion. 

We never use meat meal or meat derivatives that can be harder for dogs to digest, and we have grain free recipes for dogs who struggle with grains. We only make proper food, full of freshly prepared meat and offal, vegetables and other good things like botanicals and herbs.

What Can Cause Poor Digestion in Dogs?

Whether your dog has bad wind, loose, smelly stool or diarrhea, poor digestion is often simply down to diet. This doesn’t just include what you feed your dog, but also what your dog decides to feed themselves. Because as well as being highly evolved to wag their tail, dogs are also excellent food (and sometimes definitely not food) hoovers. This can lead to diarrhea. 

There can be other causes of poor digestion. Some common ones are:

  • Change in food or diet
  • Worms
  • Food allergies
  • IBS
  • Infection

It’s important to see your vet if your dog is unwell and has an upset stomach or is vomiting.

How You Can Help Your dog

Once you’ve seen or called your vet to rule out anything more serious, you can use home remedies to help. Sometimes your vet may recommend withholding food for a full day, and letting your dog have small amounts of water regularly throughout the day. This gives your dog’s tummy time to recover.

The food you feed your dog after a tummy upset is really important. Depending on the problem, it should be highly digestible, low in fat, sugar, fibre and preferably gluten free. High digestibility helps the gastrointestinal system to rest and reduces the potential of foods aggravating a dietary allergy. All of our foods are highly digestible because of the top quality ingredients we use.

Healthy Gut Pack for Dogs

A dog with a healthy gut means a less bloated, happier dog and a much, much happier owner. So we've put together this special pack which contains a mix of gentle-on-tummies single protein recipes and meals with prebiotics to aid a healthy gut. They also contain ingredients like chamomile and dandelion that can help digestive calming.

The Healthy Gut Pack for Dogs contains:

Ingredients for Happy Tummies



Apples have a cooling, thermal nature which can stimulate appetite and remedy digestion, due in part to the presence of malic and tartaric acids in apples. Apples are found in both our Sunday Lunch and Beef, Potato and Vegetable Dinner recipes. 



Along with nettles, cleavers have astringent properties that can aid in recovery and may help with diarrhea. Both cleavers and nettles are in all three of our Healthy Gut Pack recipes.  


Milk Thistle

Milk thistle can help stimulate bile flow and can therefore assist digestion and dietary fat breakdown. Milk thistle is in all three of our Healthy Gut Pack recipes. 

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