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Our Story

Hello! Lily is the heart of my family. She’s my adorable border terrier whose battle with itchy skin became the inspiration for healthy pet food, Lily’s Kitchen. Once I discovered what regular pet food was made from, I decided to cook all of Lily’s meals from scratch using proper, natural ingredients. The transformation in her health was so remarkable I knew I had to share my secret. Every recipe is filled with ingredients chosen for their high nutritional content...

...and we think it’s simply the best!

Henrietta - Founder and Lily's owner

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Natural Goodness


It's all about quality. We never use meat meals, often called dried or ground meat, as they can contain a high percentage of bone and highly processed proteins that are harder for the tummy to digest.


Only the good stuff. Not a chemical in sight.


No cheap fillers. We use delicious fruits and vibrant veg to help keep tummies full.

Health Benefits

Wheel of Goodness

Less Wind
No gluten means less bloating
helping to keep wind at bay


Good Poop
Freshly prepared meat makes our recipes easier to digest, helping make firmer poop that’s easier to pick up


Healthy Joints
Glucosamine, Chondroitin andMSM naturally slows or prevents degeneration of cartilage


Shiny Coat
& Healthy Skin

Marigold Petals help cleanse the skin whilst Kelp supports glossy coats


Cleaner Teeth
& Fresher Breath

Crunchier kibble helps supports clean teeth, helping keep breath fresher


Fewer Upset Tummies
Botanical & herbs help support healthy digestion and no pesky gluten means fewer tummy upsets


Complete Nutrition

For Every Stage of Life


How to change over

It’s important when introducing a new diet that you do it gradually over a period of approximately 5-7 days. This is so your pet’s digestive system can become accustomed to the new diet. We would recommend that you introduce Lily’s Kitchen by mixing a small quantity with your pet’s current food and then increasing the proportion until you are feeding 100% Lily’s Kitchen.


With Goodness comes Greatness

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Happy Customers

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20 customer reviews

5 stars

My old Border Terrier (Stan) seems very happy with this - he eats it all straight away which he didn't with his previous food. He's quite sprightly for 12! 25/04/16

5 stars

One of my dogs has allergies to beef, peas, rice, wheat and rice. So great to know what goes into the food. Very quick delivery and opted to get delivered to my local parcel shop. Perfect. 14/04/16

5 stars

Outstanding in every way Delivery excellent Cost perfect And my little taco LOVES it !!!! One happy customer 14/09/15

5 stars

Our border terrier requires a grain free diet. He's very particular about what he eats but he loves the organic lamb supper and licks the bowl clean every time. 12/04/16