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Help Support Your Cat's Skin Health

Help Support Your Cat's Skin Health

Cats love being clean. That’s why you’ll never see a cat play rugby (and why dogs, on the other paw, love ball games. When it comes to mud-wallowing, dogs are practically part-hippo).

Cat’s love being clean so much that they can spend half their waking hours washing themselves and their kitty friends. Since a soft coat and healthy skin is so important to cats, it’s important to us too.

Cat skin and fur health

What Happens if my Cat has an Unhealthy Coat?

An unhealthy coat can be a sign that your cat's skin health needs some attention and it's easy to tell in most cases. These symptoms are the most common:

  • Dry skin
  • Dandruff
  • Greasy fur
  • Patches of fur missing

So if your cat has dandruff, dry skin or any other of the symptoms above, their coat and skin isn’t at its best.

While a good diet is the best foundation for your cat’s health, there are lots of things that can cause their coat to look bedraggled and dull.

Always speak to your vet before doing anything – they’ll be able to tell you exactly why your cat’s coat isn’t top notch.


There’s a reason why eating ice cream and chocolate for every meal is a dream, not a reality. What you eat affects your health, and it’s the same for cats. Without a balanced diet of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, your cat could be short on the good stuff that keeps them fit as a fiddle.

Solution: Make sure your cat eats a nutritious, balanced diet. Cats need much more protein than dogs, so take a look at the label and the meat content to help you work out if it’s a good recipe or not.

Shiny Coat Pack for Cats

We make recipes that support your cat’s health, inside and out. And when it comes to fur, it’s often what your cat eats that counts.

That's why we've put together this pack of meals that will help support your cat's skin health to help achieve that shiny coat. 

Each recipe is packed with freshly prepared meat and offal, along with fish oil so your cat gets plenty of omega-3 fatty acids which can help healthy skin and fur. 

The Shiny Coat Pack for Cats contains:

Problems Grooming

When a cat gets older, they’re more likely to get arthritis or just find it harder to move as well. This means they can’t twist as they used to, so their fur isn’t groomed as frequently.

It’s a similar story if your cat is if your cat is rounder than they should be, they’ll find it trickier to move and groom themselves all over.

If your cat isn’t an older kitty and isn’t overweight, their grooming problems might be down to dental troubles.


A good diet that’s tailored to older cats is really important for their all-round health, to support their joint movement for grooming and their skin and fur health from the inside out.

You can also brush your senior kittizen’s fur using a fine tooth comb, to help get rid of the old fur and get their coat shining again.

If your cat can’t groom because of their weight, the first thing to tackle is the weight itself. Speak to your vet about how to help your cat lose weight slowly with nutritious food. In the meantime, you can help your cat groom by using a comb.

Marvellously Mature Chicken Supper for Cats

We worked closely with vets, nutritionists and eager senior kitizen taste testers to get this recipe spot on.

It has plenty of meaty goodness for tip top nutrition, Vitamin A (great for their eyes) and essential taurine. We’ve also added a blend of vitamins, chelated minerals and omegas for all round health and carrots to give it a soft pâté texture, great for older, sensitive teeth.

Marvellously Mature Complete Dry Food for Cats

Specially created for cats of more advanced years, this Marvellously Mature Fish & Healthy Herbs complete recipe has all the nutrients and specially selected nourishment your wise cat needs to stay healthy and happy.

It has plenty of fish for tip top nutrition, a blend of vitamins including glucosamine and chondroitin for joint support, chelated minerals and omegas for all round health and prebiotics for healthy digestion. It also includes botanical herbs like bilberry for eye health, aniseed for digestion and gingko biloba for brain function.

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