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The Best Cat Food to Lose Weight

Get Your Cat to Their Healthy, Happy Weight

Being overweight can be a serious problem for your cat's health. But worry not! We've put together some helpful tips and advice for you to help get your cat back in shape and stay healthy.

The Health Risks Related to Being Overweight

Just like in humans, cats have an ideal, healthy weight. It’s important to be aware of your cat’s weight and size, as there are serious health risks linked to obesity, including:

  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Joint Disease
  • Arthritis
  • Feeling of lethargy
  • Limited Mobility

Fitness Tips for Your Cat

Because putting a lead on your cat and taking it for an extra long walk isn’t really an option like it is with dogs, we’ve come up with some slightly more sensible fitness tips to help your cat get to their ideal weight.

  • Sprinkle dry kibble in different places around the house, like on different steps, so your cat has to search it out. It’s a great trick to make them exercise while giving them less food all at once.
  • Indoor cats are especially at risk of obesity because of their sedentary lifestyle. To help them stay active, be sure to play plenty of games with them.
  • Make sure you play with your cat several time a day. Use toys that make them chase and so they get as much exercise as possible.
  • Cats adore prey toys and light, fast moving objects like feathers. Attach a toy to string or a stick to give your cat a good run around – without catching you with their claws.
Assessing your cat's weight

Is My Pet Tipping the Scale?

The best way to of determing if your cat needs to go on a diet is to measure their body condition score (BCS). This is a score out of 5, with 5 being obese and 3 being the ideal weight.

It takes time to get used to assessing your dog's BCS, so get some help from your vet and use their scales to measure your cat's weight before you begin any diet. 

How to Measure Your Pet

Look at your pet from the side and above every few weeks. Can you see a waist? Cats should have a hourglass shape.

Run your hands over your cat's side. Does their skin move freely over the ribs?

Stand over your cat and feel their ribs. Run your hands along your cat's back and over the hip bones. You should be able to feel their bones quite easily under the skin.

Run your hands over the base of your cat's tail. Can you feel a build up of fat?

Feel under your cat's tummy. It should go in, not bulge out.

Get Into the Habit

It is good to get into the habit of checking your cat's shape from an early age. Avoiding obesity in adolescence will be a vital way of helping to prevent them putting on weight in adult life. 

Achieve the Ideal Weight with Lily's Kitchen

Along with exercise, diet is the most important way to keep your cat in tip top health. At Lily’s Kitchen, we use natural and wholesome ingredients and make sure our meals are nutritionally complete and balanced. It means you won’t find fatty or nutritionally useless fillers in our recipes. These Lily’s Kitchen recipes are particularly good if you’re watching your cat’s weight.

Healthy Weight Pack for Cats

Give your cat a fresh start with this proper, nutritious pack of our meals to help them get to their ideal weight. Comes in 2 different sizes. Check the description to see which size will suit your cat.

Fabulous Fish Complete Dry Food

Your cat will adore the tempting smell and delicious taste of this recipe. Made with 70% freshly prepared and sustainably sourced fish.

Whisker Lickin' Chicken

Made with 65% freshly prepared, real chicken, this recipe is so delicious your cat will lick their whiskers (and their bowl) clean.

Catch of the Day

With 65% freshly prepared salmon, prawns, chicken and pork, this recipe will have your cat licking their chops every time you open the tray.

8 Step Guide to a Healthy Pet Diet Plan

#1 Set Goals

Our pets come in all shapes and sizes and so the ideal weight of your four-legged friend is individual to them. When planning your pet’s diet, work on a percentage of weight loss rather than a quantity of weight loss. The length of time to follow the diet plan depends on how obese your pet is, generally 2 months to one year.

#2 Be Realistic

Diets are all about having fun with your pet while helping them lose weight healthily, so it’s important to take the diet slowly. We suggest the weight loss goal should be 1-1.5% per week of the total weight your cat needs to lose.

#3 Create a Feeding Plan

Simply reducing the portion sizes at mealtime and reducing or removing treats is a brilliant way to start your cat’s diet - the best reward you can give is your time, so lots of extra cuddles are a great alternative reward!

Pop to see your vet so they can help work out a daily calorie requirement for your cat. This will usually be between 60-90% of their daily requirement, but make sure you work this out with a professional to get it right, or your furry friend might go hungry!

Check fat content of dry food - look for something under 12% fat.

#4 Incorporate Regular Exercise

When we diet, getting more active goes hand in hand with eating less – this is the same whether we have two legs or four! Plenty of exercise is not only good for you and your pet but it’s fun and rewarding too.

#5 Weigh -In

It’s important to keep on top of how the diet is going. Having regular weigh-ins at the vets means you will be able to show them your progress while taking advantage of the veterinary weighing scales!

#6 Monitor & Track Progress

It’s really important everyone in your household is on board with your pets’ diet. It won’t work if you cut out treats but someone else doesn’t! Make a record of your progress.

#7 Fasting is a No-No!

A cat’s metabolism can’t cope with fasting. It’s important your pet enjoys the process of getting back in shape and so starving them is not a fair or sensible way to lose weight.

#8 Maintain A Healthy Target Weight

Once your feline friend has reached their ideal body weight, you can give them a big - it’s a great achievement. Keep an eye on feeding and keep up with exercise routines!

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